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    social media matters

    For the past couple of years, social media marketing has been getting a lot of hype – and for good reason! Building a solid online presence for your brand is one of the most effective ways to build trust, increase awareness, and communicate with customers. But the benefits of social media marketing don’t stop there! Here are just 5 reasons why social media matters for business.

    Axe Rebranding – In With Inclusivity

    Yes, you read that right. Sensitive sinuses and skeeved out women everywhere can celebrate thanks to Axe rebranding.

    We all remember those super gross Axe commercials plaguing our TVs and magazine. Some super socially awkward, yet somehow muscular white dude goes from “geek” to “on fleek” with the a few spritzes of Axe body spray. While the men in these ads certainly don’t appear macho, that’s the act they put on with the help of some overpowering body spray. “Spray this on, and all women will want you!” One of their more popular ads of the past even went so far as to show billions of women running, swimming, and clambering over each other to access one single dude on a beach drowning himself in Axe.

    Axe rebranding